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"A best friend… Okay, this one is so important. Choose wisely, okay? I got really lucky with mine”.

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One Tree Hill + powerful female moments

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Quinn: “So wait he just attacked you and then dragged you into the ocean

Clay: “He said he was baptizing me, that if I had to be an agent I need to wear a suit”

Quinn: [laughs] “What?”

Clay: “It isn’t funny”

Quinn: “It’s a little funny”

Clay: “That a murderer tried to drown me and then give me fashion advice. That’s funny to you?”

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This pic is so perfect, Damn Nikki is perfect! :3

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obsessed with his shirt



Y’all can have the shirt
I’ll take the guy.. And the chocolates to the right

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Lars’ acceptance speech at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (x)

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These pictures are making me angry…

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the true gay icons

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Why do health class textbooks tell you menstruation is just the “shedding of the uterine lining” like it’s so clean and refreshing. Why do they leave out the part where it lasts 5 days, tries to kill your pelvis, and turns your uterus into a death metal music video directed by Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino.

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Anonymous Asked: why is linda so popular in the fandom?


You’re asking why Linda McCartney is so popular?

Let me tell you why here-

  • She has withstood SO much criticism in her life and yet she did what she wanted to do cause it made her happy,for example a Radio show in the 80s criticised her singing when they found a backing track of hers and humiliated her in front of an audience of thousands, yet she remained positive and couldn’t care less
  • She was all about being natural. Just because she was a Beatles wife, she never believed in doing up herself. She remained natural and wore minimal make up and casual clothes, for which she got criticised for as well. 
  • Her photography was AMAZING. This lady had talent, and serious talent. She clicked amazing pictures and to this day people adore her photography and are inspired by her
  • Her passion for music was even more than Paul’s. She LOVED music and it was THIS passion for music of hers that helped Paul get through depression and back to making amazing music
  • She was an amazing mother to her children. She was always there when they needed her and even after her death, her children look up to her and can’t thank her enough for what she has done for them
  • She stood up for what she believed is right. She loved animals and went Vegetarian, making cook books on delicious vegan food and protected animals till her death
  • People give her flack for having sex with few rockstars before she met Paul, which is clear bullshit because no one talks about the number of women Paul slept with as a Beatle. Anyways, those two straightened up and remained faithful to each other till the end <3
  • Linda, though not musically talented herself never minded people making fun of her, she NEVER took it to her heart
  • She has inspired 1000s of young woman to believe and love themselves for who they are, she is a true role model and a beautiful woman
  • The most important one- She and Paul were in love no matter what happened in their lives. She supported Paul and was an AMAZING wife and mother. That woman is beautiful from head to toe, inside out and this post does not to enough justice to her. People call her Lady McCartney not just because Paul was knighted but she had that elegance in her, she was a fucking amazing woman.

I love her and respect her so fucking much, she is a wonderful human being and loved by everyone in the fandom. I know I am missing out on a few points, so feel free to add on :]

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